We answer all your questions

Questions about…

1. Whether or not we should operate.

Your pet may have a surgical condition, but is surgery the only option?  Many times, there are other options.  Let’s discuss them and work together to find what is best for you and your pet.

2. What the operation will entail.

What will the surgery involve?  How long will it take?  When will my pet be discharged?  What care will my pet require after surgery?  We can answer these questions for you.

3. Post-operative questions.

It is common for questions to arise after your pet has been discharged.  If you think of a question, just give us a call.

4. No question too small.

Some clients tell me later that they had questions but didn’t call because they didn’t want to bother me…you won’t.  Please contact me if something is on your mind.

Try our Frequently Asked Questions section for answers to some of your questions right now.